Unigister and the Gen Z – Allies in Making Your Brand Better!


Having had the earliest access to the digital world, Gen Z-s are the ‘digital natives’ brought up on a diet of internet, technology and advanced politics across the globe. They are subject to and quite engaged with the global concerns of climate change, sustainability, inclusive representation and beyond. The prevalence of the internet has made international borders porous enabling exchange of cultural ideas and values. They are no longer impressed by crass stereotyping of women on multimedia (Mad Men vibes), they appreciate witty, tongue-in-cheek branding strategies, they want their data privacy intact and they will support you as a community if you engage in kinder politics. In the coming decades Gen Z will obviously be the largest demogragraphy of consumers with a unique set of expectations and needs. Keeping that reality in mind, it is crucial in today’s time that we accommodate their worldviews in the brands we create. Their vision is far-sighted and can positively help your  brand/business grow.

Unigigster strives to bridge this gap between brands and Gen Z in an innovative, sustainable way. We empower young, budding students across the UK, mostly Gen Z folks, with freelance gigs and connect them with businesses looking to brand themselves better. We identify the needs of both demographics and o er a viable, long standing solution. We allow businesses to create micro tasks out of their internal process and allot them to individual students looking for part-time engagements. It can be anything from social media engagement, app testing to creating a brand voice. They get things done!

Gen Zs and brand building:

With their unique ideological background, quite like anyone else’s, the youngsters can study your business and o er you valuable brand insights. They know what works with the generation behind and ahead of them and what is currently surfacing in digital spaces. For example, If your stakeholders are keen on bringing Green practices at the organisational core, Gen Z-s know/can create resources for you to achieve them into reality. They can execute a brand study, communicate to you the existing areas of improvement in your current branding strategy, and o er insightful alternatives to cater to the speci c type of demography you want to sell your products to.

Micro jobs – Personalised Attention to Your Brand:

With Unigister, you sidestep the expensive hiring process and break down the business process into small, discrete tasks. We help you assign these tasks to competent students looking for safe, non-exploitative part-time employment. Since these small but crucial tasks are handled by individual students, a lot of personalised attention goes into creating your brand at large. All of the micro tasks put together reengineer your business more e           ciently and meaningfully.

Making Student Employment More Professionally Potent-

With exible work hours and industry relevant tasks, the micro jobs assigned to students are potent with possibilities in capacity building, hands-on training and supervision of students at a micro level. Unigigster achieves this by keeping in mind why students look for part time engagement –

-Academically compatible work timings

-Training and supervision by experienced professionals

-Touch with the professional world

-Financial empowerment

Recognising these touchpoints, we have created a platform that takes initiatives to cater to them without compromising on quality work and labour ethics.

Ensuring Safe Space Employment for Students to Engage In –

We care for both our students and business clients alike. While we strive hard to enable businesses to optimise their e    ciency and be more cost e ective, we specially ensure the students navigate through non-exploitative spaces for employment. We prioritise veri cations, data privacy and payment security at all times. To attract competent students and businesses, we rst take meaningful steps to make them feel valued and safe.

Competency Building in Students –

Apart from nancial empowerment during their academic years, part time employment helps in capacity building among students. Gen Z are aware of the competitive edge within industries and they are keen to learn from rst hand experiences. When businesses reach out to us with their micro tasks, we ensure they add a meaningful contribution in building competency among students. The competencies might include knowing industry in real-time, studying market trends, consumer engagement, app development, research data collection, surveys, evaluations and more.

Reviewing and Mentoring –

Unigigster creates a two way platform for businesses and students to learn and grow. Reviewing a micro tasker’s work performance is crucial in developing skills and competency. We ensure quality work is delivered to our clients with a space to review and guide the tasks being taken. We believe in the power of  constructive criticism and encourage a healthy, communicative space to facilitate this mentoring by experienced professionals of our micro taskers.


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