Reimagining the future of
on-demand micro-tasking

Unlocking the potential of
student workforce

Making students industry-

Unigigster makes it easy to outsource micro-tasks which do not require subject matter expertise. Businesses support capacity building of young university students.

University Students

A micro job is a great first step towards independence.

Get ratings, reviews and feedback that build your skills.

Develop competencies, cultivate business relationships and find your dream job.

Payment security from Unigigster.

Business Owners

Re-engineer business processes and create micro jobs. Sidestep expensive hiring processes.

Access local workforce from over 2.3 million United Kingdom students for local jobs.

Reduce total cost of business operations with on-demand micro-task executions.

Review and accept proof-of-work. Make payments.

How does it work?

University Students


Signup with Unigigster


Complete simple verification


Choose your micro-task and apply


Get accepted and complete the task


Get paid

Work when you want. Earn every time.

Business Owners


Get onboard with Unigigster


List your micro-tasks


Guide your micro-tasker


Verify and approve outcomes


Receive all your data securely

Improve efficiency. Reduce costs.

Are you a student?
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Unigigster offers business owners the ability to execute micro-tasks under four major categories.


Diligence Services

Conduct period assessments of vendors, partners, employees, assets and customers.

- Data collection

- Data verification

- Geo-tagging

- Secondary research


Audits & Verification Services

Obtain independent examination of operations, processes and data. Increase business confidence and reduce risks.

- Mystery / non-mystery audits

- Quality & process efficacy surveys

- Customer experience & satisfaction surveys

- Sales channel effectiveness evaluations


Business development services

Acquire, handhold and support your customers. Enhance digital and in-store experiences. Grow your business.

- Customers and partners onboarding

- In-store customers engagement

- Social media engagement

- Competitor benchmarking


Data services

Businesses generate abundant amounts of data, which when utilised effectively generate substantially benefits.

- Data curation

- Data transcription

- Data annotation

- Digitisation

Benefits for Businesses

Benefits Unigigster Payroll Expansion
Costs linked to outcomes
On-demand scalable workforce
Complete job execution
Zero recruitment costs
Workforce satisfaction
Quality controls
Lean project delivery
Easily scaled pan-UK
Seasonal staffed positions
Early assessment of talent

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