Surveys & Research

Instantly find research participants for your studies.

Understand how students in the UK feel, think and behave in certain situations.

We ensure that only verified students participate in your study and you are making payments for their genuine efforts.

Unigigster is seamlessly integrated with Qualtrics,
SurveyMonkey and Jotform.

Let's get you started

Pick the number of students you need for your study. 

Send us your survey or provide a link to your existing survey.

Your survey is disseminated to 1000s of students within hours. 

Receive quality responses for your study within days. 

Fair and transparent pricing to support your research requirements

We recommend paying student participants at least £10/hr. 

We charge 25% of your total research cost (excl. VAT). 

If you are an academic or non-profit researcher we reduce our fees to 20% (excl. VAT)

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